About Us | YI Technology
YI Technology is the leading provider of advanced,
intelligent video, imaging and computer vision technologies.
We are inspired by a singular, bold vision of a future powered by widespread, intelligent, video technology, where smart cameras and computer vision service everywhere will make people’s lives safer, richer and more fun. We are passionately dedicated to, and humbled by the mission to make even the most sophisticated, ground-breaking, complex innovations useful every day to everyone from high-end professionals to kids.
We work incredibly hard toward these goals across a large and growing range of offerings. But across them all we stand by a consistent set of values and standards that combine the very best technology, the very best design, and great value.

At YI Technology we are committed to the promise that such technology will extend everyone’s reach so they can...
YI is here for you.
transparent, trusted
"I love the compact size of YI, as I can move it around the house and place it
wherever I need."
adaptive, accessible
"So impressed with the video quality for the YI Action camera. YI camera rocks!"
YI sees things
dynamic, lively
" From a casual bike ride to skiing the rockies, this camera is simple and easy to use.
   I love YI! "
YI loves you.
friendly, connection
"Incredibly impressed with YI little camera. Excellent video, and I like the alerts that allow me to see immediately what is going on at home. "
YI Smiles
happiness, everyday