1080p Full HD Resolution

Guarantees clear video in high resolution

Voice Control

Focus on the road and control your dash camera handsfree

130° Wide-angle Lens

Monitor mutiple lanes of traffic at once

Integrated Wi-Fi

Real-time playback through your phone

1080p Resolution with Emergency Recording

The YI Compact Dash Camera provides one of the most essential functions needed in a dash camera, and all featured in a stealthy but practical design.

It delivers 1080p/30fps resolution and features a 3-axis adjustable gravity sensor for accurate emergency recordings. The high sensitivity image sensor and infrared filters ensure detailed videos even at night.

The 130° wide-angle lens covers three lanes so you don't have to worry about missing anything. Equipped with Emergency Recording, the YI Compact Dash Camera will automatically record, save and lock a collision and the moments leading up to it.

Excellent at Night

YI Compact Dash Camera features an industry-leading high sensitivity image sensor to ensure excellent night vision. The f/2.0 large aperture contributes to capturing vivid images and delivers accurate colors even in low-light environments without using auxiliary lighting.

130° Wide-angle Lens 4G All-glass + Infrared : Capture Every Moment in Detail

The 130° all-glass lens with an f/2.0 aperture provides a true wide angle so you can see more lanes in high resolution. Its four full-glass lenses combined with infrared filters delivers clear day and night optical capabilities with a richer, purer imaging effect.

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The Smartest Dash Camera On The Road

The Smartest Dash Camera On The Road

Keep you and your passengers protected with enhanced safety by harnessing the power of AI. YI Dash Camera ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Technology implements safeguards to minimize the potential for human error while driving.
Captured video is continuously and automatically analyzed in real-time. If a risky vehicle behavior is detected, the dash camera sends a built-in alert in response to Fatigued Driver, Lane Departure, or Front Collision Detection. Our AI-based protection system has your back at every moment, just in case you blink.

Wireless Connection - Flawless Navigation

Download the YI Dash camera app to quickly navigate, download, and back up footage directly to your device.

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