Dual-Recording HD Cameras

A front facing full HD camera & a 720p reverse camera protected from dust and water

Emergency Recordings

The built-in 3-axis gravity sensor will instantly activate if a collision is detected

138° Wide-angle Lens

Monitor 3 lanes of traffic at once

Built-in Single Touch Sharing

Simply open the app and connect via Wi-Fi to view and share footage

Recording Front View + Rearview Camera

Front 138°

The front camera employs a professional image sensor to support a large viewing angle and up to 1080P/30fps video resolution to clearly capture the traffic ahead.

Rear 120°

720P (AHD-M) HD rear-mounted camera that covers the whole rearview, to guarantee more safety without distortion.

4.3" Touchscreen Gives You More Control

The YI Mirror Dash Cam employs a high-quality rearview mirror’s high transmittance material that blends with the car. With only a glimpse at the 4.3 inch touchscreen, you can check the traffic situation and take control.

Intelligent "Driver Fatigue" Reminder

Through an estimate of the driving distance and driving time the YI Mirror Dash Camera intelligently alerts you of potential fatigue, making long journeys safer for the driver and passengers. Warning: After more than 2 hours of driving, there will be a driver’s fatigue warning on the right side of the screen, which you need to manually close. If at any time the power disconnects, the alert timer will reset to two hours when power reconnects.

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The Smartest Dash Camera On The Road

The Smartest Dash Camera On The Road

Keep you and your passengers protected with enhanced safety by harnessing the power of AI. YI Dash Camera ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Technology implements safeguards to minimize the potential for human error while driving.
Captured video is continuously and automatically analyzed in real-time. If a risky vehicle behavior is detected, the dash camera sends a built-in alert in response to Fatigued Driver, Lane Departure, or Front Collision Detection. Our AI-based protection system has your back at every moment, just in case you blink.

Wireless Connection - Flawless Navigation

Download the YI Dash camera app to quickly navigate, download, and back up footage directly to your device.

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